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Birmingham and Fazeley canal is 15 miles long and connects to the Coventry Canal at Tamworth. It has 38 locks and ends at Gas Street Basin in the middle of Birmingham. You'll get to enjoy both rural and urban scenery along this route. If you start at Gas Street Basin, the canal will take you through tunnels and archways. 

You should keep an eye out for the unique gothic footbridge at Drayton Bassett, as well as the Farmer's Bridge Lock Flight, which used to be lit by gaslight. You'll also be able to see the Birmingham Post Office Tower. The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal opened in 1789 and became more popular 10 years later when it became the first direct canal route between London and Warwick & Birmingham Canal after the Digbeth branch opened. Nowadays, the canal is no longer used for industry. Instead, it's a popular spot for walkers, cyclists, paddlers, and boaters.

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